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During its first session, the 41st National Assembly adopted 55 laws, 95 decisions and 3 declarations
December 17, 2009

During its first session, the 41st National Assembly had passed 55 laws, 95 decisions and 3 declarations. During their session, between July 14 and December 16, the parliament had held 56 plenary sittings, three of them extraordinary and worked for approximately 235 hours.

This is indicated in a reference, prepared by the Legislative Affairs and European Lau Directorate of the National Assembly.

At that period, in the parliament were received a total of 135 bills, 60 submitted by Maps, and 75 by the Council of Ministers.

As in any newly elected parliament, the 41st National Assembly, had spent time during the first session to exercise its constitutional obligations, namely to elect its internal organs – the speaker of parliament and his deputies, to elect the members of standing committees and delegations to international parliamentary institutions, to nominate the Cabinet members, to draft and adopt its internal Rules of Organization and Procedure.
Among the important laws adopted during the first session was the State Budget Act for 2010, the budgets of the National Health Insurance Fund and the Social Security Institute, the act regulating the procedures for the 2010 Census of agribusinesses in Bulgaria and the amendments to the Bulgarian Identity Papers Act, the Medicinal Products for Human Use Act, the Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources Act, the Roads Act, the Forestry Act, the Commercial and, on the Defense and Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria Act.

In this period, the 41st National Assembly considered the 2008 annual reports and accounts on the activities of a number of bodies, elected entirely or partially by the parliament and in conformity with the Cconstitution, the report of the Judiciary for 2008 - reports that were received but were not considered in the previous Parliament.

The number of the submitted draft decisions was 105, with 102 of them initiated by members of the parliament. The NA had received 7 draft declarations, 3 of which were adopted.

The 41st National Assembly had exercised its control functions in the course 16 plenary sittings or 35 hours and 35 minutes in which time cabinet members have answered questions and inquiries addressed to them by parliamentary members. The total number of questions and inquiries was 284 and 49. Some 130 questions and 8 inquiries received written answers, the rest were replied in the plenary hall.

13 reports on hearings, conducted in the committees were distributed to the members of the assembly.
The distribution of the questions and inquiries raised by parliamentary groups is the following: the Blue Coalition - 92 questions and 9 inquiries; Coalition for Bulgaria - 84 questions and 4 inquiries; Ataka - 80 questions and 13 inquiries; OLJ (Order, Lawfulness, Justice - 21 questions and 5 inquiries; GERB - 5 questions and 13 inquiries; MRF - 2 questions and 5 inquiries.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov had answered 6 questions and 6 inquiries, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Tsvetan Tsvetanov - 21 questions and 3 inquiries, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Simeon Diankov - 30 questions and 5 inquiries. The biggest share of answered questions 31 and 5 inquiries falls on the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Rosen Plevneliev.
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